Look, It's a Thing!

So awesome, you're pregnant.

Shit. It's been a while.

Holy wow. It's been a long time since I've had anything really interesting to write about.

 Hold up... There is a hair stuck under my 'F' key.

 Got it. Alright, not much going on in the way of FUCKING ANYTHING REALLY.. So I reviewed Due Date for no one in particular.

Look guys.. I really have nothing much to do so please, for the love of fuck, give me things you would like me to review before you watch or purchase! That's what I'm here for! I'm like the mule of the movies, games and gadgets world. I'll carry the burden on my back so you guys don't have to! 

Bringing the newness.


Wow. Would you just look at my epic face.

Just a quick briefing ladies and gentleguys, there are some new reviews up... Mainly 'Legion' and Apple's much anticipated iOS4.

Thanks to those who pay attention! To those who don't... I'll build a match-head operated cannon and shoot a lubed up bowling ball in your general direction (I seen it on Mythbusters).

I went outside once. Graphics were good, game play was shite.

Well fuckaluckadingdong. It has been way too long since I've last preached to my fellow peeps who are interested in movies and games and gadgets. The reason behind this is because I'm very picky with the games and movies I review.. I'm not your typical guy who writes about every movie and game so I can either blast it and make fanboys cry or put it on a fucking pedestal. I will review games and movies that are getting a lot of pre-release hype OR that I WANT to review so STOP PRESSURING ME! First off I would like to abuse *cough* I mean thank Blizzard for making WoW. I hadn't played in a year and a half+ and now I'm fucking addicted again. I'm trading in my perfectly good PS3 games to get up to date with the expansion sets. FML. OKAY Anyway - The following will be reviewed by me upon release (if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the questboo.. I mean guestbook (fucking WoW).

Max Payne 3 sometime this year... Fucking Rockstar. Same with L.A. Noire

Skate 3 in May

MW2 Stimulus Package also in May

Red Dead Redemption also also in May

and R.U.S.E. in June


Once again, if you can think of anything then message the shit out of me... I'm going to drink beer and install Burning Crusade. See you around... Most likely in Azeroth... Less likely in RL (I'm not as awesome in RL)

I'll take you to the candy shop..

Hey guys.

 Sorry about the 'not having any reviews' thing lately. There is just nothing out I want to review yet, stupid entertainment media. I want to review Shutter Island as Martin Scorsese is my fucking idol (doesn't come out until tomorrow), I want to review Melbourne post-hardcore band, House vs Hurricane's new album also (doesn't come out until March) and really the video game scene hasn't blown me away with anything in the last couple of months so until we find something good there (Like the new Rockstar-partnership-with-whoever-else game 'L.A. Noire). However I did find an incredible App for my iPhone which I will give my opinion on this morning and if anyone has any ideas then feel free to write in the guestbook. I will also accept ideas on notes delivered by carrier Pigeons... As long as this is not the result -  

New reviews.

Just letting you guys know that I've written a couple of reviews and my take on Mircosoft's 'Project Natal' and Sony's 'Wand... Thingy'

Read 'em. Leave comments. Write in my Guestbook. Buy me a hat. 

In the beginning...

Salutations friends and strangies!

My name is Hayden and I am sick of expressing my views and giving unwanted opinions to my friends. So I decided to create this small website in which I will be giving my thoughts on movies, games, music and gizmos. Sometimes I will also share my distorted views on current events.

 Now, before you trek any further, please hear this - By all means, leave constructive criticism. But don't bitch and moan about my thoughts otherwise myself and Doc Brown will travel back in time in the DeLorean and abort you from your mothers baby house.

This is a non-profit website where I can share my views. If you don't enjoy it, don't read it.